Monday, April 18, 2016

Alex's half-century

If you think Alex Trebek has been hosting game shows for a century, you're only half wrong. It all started fifty years ago on an ancient Canadian high school quizzer called Reach for the Top.

There's been a boatload of questions, answers, prize money, and Colonial Penn ads since then. NPR recently caught up with Alex as he took Jeopardy on its D.C. road show. Besides the obvious monetary rewards, he says that the best part of the job is hanging out with smart people. Apparently Jeopardy has quite a few of them, and so did all those other quizzers over the years.

He reviews the origin of Jeopardy, which is probably well known to you if you're a regular reader of this blog. Merv Griffin's wife wanted to give the answers to the contestants above the table, after all that unpleasantness in the 1950s.

Alex also suffers from insomnia, which can make him doze off at very inopportune times. And since this is NPR, he makes sure to take a swipe at hedge fund managers, who are not among NPR's favorite people. By the way, the comments on the NPR site tend to trash Alex as arrogant and rude. I think this says more about the commenters than about Alex Trebek, but that's just my irreverent opinion.

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  1. And to think, Alex was originally leaving Jeopardy after this season, but now he's still here until 2018. I guess he still has it in him.