Thursday, April 28, 2016

ABC revives 'em all

I'm starting to think that ABC believes their real competitor is GSN, or maybe Buzzr. After reviving Pyramid and To Tell the Truth, now comes news that ABC will reboot Match Game with Alec Baldwin (?) as host.

The network has ordered ten eps for a June 26 debut after Celebrity Family Feud and the Pyramid rewind. I'm not sure about Baldwin as the host, but maybe he'll keep his less likeable qualities under control. He's donating his salary - supposedly one of the highest ever for a game show host - to his wife's art charity.

No post-1982 revival of Match Game has ever worked well, for the obvious reason that the 1970s version casts such a huge shadow. We'll see if this effort by ABC fares any better than the 1983, 1990 and 1998 shows. The 1973-82 Match Game is my favorite game show ever, and that includes everything. It's great to see ABC try the ultimate revival. Good luck to them.


  1. Match Game is definitely on most "Top 10 game shows of all time lists." Not my favorite (that would be Jeopardy! :D), but it's still a classic. Hope it turns out good!

  2. I think we're due for a proper revival of Card Sharks sooner or later. I say "proper" because it should not be like the horrendous 2001 version - that definitely was not a remake, more like using the same title, but 100% different gameplay.

  3. Although I don't get the appeal of Harvey's Feud, I have to think that they're going to go the same way with Match Game if it is to succeed. The 70s are long gone, and I see it as the right game show at the right time.

  4. I hope Match Game does well with Alec Baldwin as host it's one of my Top 10 favorite game shows

  5. ABC did on Match Game '90 with Ross Schafer.

    1. It would've been Bert Convy but he got sick before taping appeared so he only did the Pilot & died in 1991 R.I.P. Bert Convy