Saturday, March 5, 2016

WML pilot report

A couple of recent blog posts have mentioned the new What's My Line pilot eps taped a few days ago.

On what's left of what used to be Matt Ottinger's board, Clay Zambo has posted an onsite description of the taping. Since this is Game Show Forum, he has to toss in a few swipes at the new version. Hey, it dates from after 1990.
The panelists weren't terrific, but neither were the guests. There was a fair amount of obfuscation, particularly by a guest whose line was "graffiti artist," but who answered yes to questions about his product being applied to the human body. (Apparently he also does body painting, but that seems to have nothing to do with graffiti.) And don't get me started on the burning question: are 20-something men physically incapable of sitting upright in a chair or tucking in their shirt tails?
But other than this required slam on shirt tails and whatnot, Clay actually sounds fairly positive about the What's My Line rewind. The host was Scott Morehead (lower right in the screenshot) of the Second City comedy troupe. The panel included some of the pictured troupe members.

A variant on the standard gameplay was a "history mystery" segment. One of the Second City folks - at the taping Clay attended, it was the guy in the lower left of the screenshot - played a historical character whose identity just cried out to be guessed. Clay really liked this twist, and it sounds intriguing to me, too. Reminds me of the historical names on The Name's the Same. Now there's a past blast.

Clay doesn't know where the producers will peddle the pilot. He speculates about various possibilities. "Daytime? Late night? CBS? Comedy Central? Web?" I wouldn't mind seeing the new version turn up somewhere.

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  1. But again, who really gives a damn what they think. They are out of touch, and will never realize that game shows today are the best they have ever been.