Monday, March 21, 2016

Three check marks

After reading a zillion Wheel of Fortune contestant stories, I've learned three things. 1) The wheel is really, really heavy. 2) The set is really, really small. 3) Vanna is really, really nice.

This story about a Wheel contestant named Heather Boyle hits all three check marks. Heather's a high school French teacher - Wikipedia says there was a French version of Wheel, but it's off the air now - and she does manage to avoid "surreal" in describing her experience on the show. That word is also a favorite in contestant stories. But she still talks about the heavy wheel, small set and nice Vanna. (Pat and everybody else was nice, too.)

I'm probably being too sarcastic here. Heather certainly hasn't read all those other contestant stories, so she doesn't know about the three check marks. But it's kind of funny how the same three items keep turning up. Except when Wheel goes on the road, and the set generally gets bigger.

One mildly original item is that Heather was allowed to tell her parents about the outcome of the episode, and her boyfriend was allowed to tell his parents. I thought contestants had to clam up with everybody.

UPDATE: Heather won the front game but couldn't nail "window frame" in the bonus round. Not a bad day at the wheel, though.

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