Sunday, March 20, 2016

The password is...AllenLudden

I had to use a password to get into the blogger software and write this entry. Passwords are so common on the Interwebs that we forget how universal (and annoying) they are.

Except when people like this columnist remind us. He recalls the ancient Password series with Allen Ludden and the "ageless" - now there's an interesting password - Betty White. He ran into the show's most memorable catchphrase more than a few times. "The password is...dork, they would say when someone embarrassed themselves. (I know. I heard it plenty.)"

All this leads to his favorite Internet password...which is, drumroll, AllenLudden. I don't believe him, of course. Nobody would release their real password to the prying eyes of the web. He also says his favorite alternate password is MatchGame, which again sounds too cute to be true.

My favorite passwords don't have anything to do with old game shows. Not even the password for this game show blog. Or am I sneakily misleading you?

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