Thursday, March 17, 2016

The elephant lady

An offbeat story turned up in my usual search of Google News for game show items. Acting city manager Linda Cochrane has gotten the full-time city manager job in Edmonton, Canada.

You're probably wondering what in hades does this have to do with game shows. Believe it or not, the game show angle concerns an elephant. The pachyderm is named Lucy and a while ago Bob Barker - you may recall him from The Price is Right - wanted her moved from the Edmonton Zoo, where's she's supposedly cold and lonely, to a balmier elephant sanctuary in the U.S.

All I can say is that I'd be happier in a warmer climate any day. That's why I moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth area in the first place. Linda Cochrane was among those in Edmonton who resisted moving Lucy. So the elephant has remained in the Canadian city, where average low temperatures reach a pleasant -10.4 degrees Celsius in January.

The linked story about Ms. Cochrane's new job makes her sound like a hero for keeping Lucy in the frozen north. "She stood up to game show host Bob Barker." Seems like a bit of Canadian nationalism. Lucy had no comment.

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