Thursday, March 3, 2016

Talent on display

It's no secret that I take a pretty traditionalist view of the term "game show."

That's why I don't cover talent contests, reality shows, cookoffs, improv comedy, etc. Not that I watch those shows much, anyway. I'm far more interested in game shows where the rules are clear and definite, and objective standards instead of subjective opinion determine winners and losers. I'll admit there can be grey areas. Even on the most objective show like Jeopardy, sometimes the judges have to make opinion calls on contestant responses.

But subjectivity should be held to a minimum. That's why cookoffs don't interest me much. Who knows how the food tastes, except for the supposedly expert judges? Same for talent contests, where experts or the great unwashed public essentially vote people on or off the island.

The reason for this palaver is that Fox has ordered eight more eps of Superhuman. In one sense this is a game show, because the standards for success or failure by the contestants are pretty clear-cut. Either you remember the order of the chess pieces (see the screenshot) or you don't. Or you successfully complete whatever other stunt you're trying, or you don't. But in the end it comes down to subjective opinion on who wins the cash, which turns the show into a talent contest.

So although I was impressed like everybody else with the blindfolded lady who recalled all those chess pieces, I probably won't cover Superhuman much on this blog.

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