Monday, March 28, 2016

Take me out to the ball game show

A couple posts ago, I commented on the attraction of 1990s Nick game shows for Internet pundits. Turns out that those shows also exert a powerful force on minor league baseball teams.

A thread on what's left of what used to be Matt Ottinger's board lists game show nights that are scheduled at various minor league parks in the upcoming season. Three games will feature ninenties Nick game shows, at ballparks in Salem, Lynchburg and Lake County (OH). The last game will offer Legends of the Hidden Temple player jerseys, which will be auctioned off after the game. Will the purple parrots beat the green monkeys?

There are also games with promotions based on The Price is Right, Carmen Sandiego, and game shows in general. The minor leagues have enjoyed a renaissance over the past couple decades, after almost expiring in the '50s and '60s due to televised major league baseball. The ticket price is, ahem, right for the minors, and people have figured out that the sport is a better show at the ballpark than on TV.

Pat Sajak showed up at a minor league game last year (in the pictured ballpark). The first thousand fans got a Sajak bobblehead. No, there weren't any Vanna bobbleheads.

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