Sunday, March 13, 2016

Secrets on YouTube

I've often bashed Fremantle for their silly crusade against the What's My Line channel on YouTube.

But Fremantle isn't all bad when it come to the video site. The Buzzr parent put this June 17, 1961 episode of my back-and-white fave I've Got a Secret on YouTube. Sure, this isn't pure charity on Fremantle's part. The video includes several Buzzr TV promos. But even the promos have a certain antique charm as montages of classic game shows.

The ep featured the iconic panel of Bill Cullen, Betsy Palmer, Henry Morgan and Bess Myerson. They certainly weren't the show's original panel, and in fact they didn't come together as the regular cast until well into the late 1950s. But they're the panelists that game show oldie freaks usually think of first when they think of I've Got a Secret.

This particular episode wasn't the best and it wasn't the worst. The first segment was a science-y thing with a rocket propulsion unit for individual low-altitude flight (see the screenshot). This was back in the days when the space program was the sexiest thing in the country. Next came four impossibly well-scrubbed brothers, with a secret that they had all just graduated from different levels of schooling.

In the final celeb segment William Bendix subjected each panelist one-by-one to silly stunts. Unknown to the panelists, Bendix and Garry Moore were betting on how long they would put up with the nonsense. It wasn't the funniest celeb bit ever on the show, but it was passably entertaining.

All in all, it was just one more episode in the show's fifteen year run of more than 600 eps.

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