Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ratings: February sweeps for the syndies

TV News Check has posted their usual February sweeps report, with changes from last year. There was a tie at the top, even if the playing field is not level. (You know why, I hope.) And Craig Ferguson inched out of the cellar. The household ratings...

Family Feud 7.1 - up three ticks from last February sweeps
Wheel of Fortune 7.1 - down five ticks
Jeopardy 6.7 - down seven ticks
Celebrity Name Game 1.5 - up a tick and the renewal is looking good
Millionaire 1.4 - down five ticks as the timeslot changes hurt

A bit of ratings news from the GSN upfront: the network's median viewer age fell to "only" 59 in 2015. GSN is demo-happy right now. That accounts for the renewal of Hellevator despite total viewer numbers which were purely putrid by the end of the first season. Meanwhile TV Newser reports good numbers for the network for the March 7-13 week. 447K/325K/474K viewers prime time/total day/extended prime time. GSN ranked 34th, 32nd and 33rd in the windows.

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