Friday, March 4, 2016


As a retiree myself, I've got a new appreciation for the Jeopardy succession rumpus that arises whenever Alex Trebek's contract is up.

The last to-do happened in early 2015 and was eventually resolved when Alex re-upped through the 2017-2018 season. But for a while every pundit and busybody speculated on who would read the clues when Alex finally packed it in.

A new story in a paper magazine - do such things still exist? - called Closer Weekly covers Alex Trebek's latest thoughts on his eventual departure from the venerable quizzer and What It Means To The Known Universe. According to Alex himself, it doesn't mean that much. "Jeopardy will stay on the air long after I'm gone."

Sounds like just a smidge of false modesty, though the statement is undoubtedly correct. The Price is Right survived the handoff from Bob to Drew, after all, even if Golden Road cries and whimpers for the good old days. And Alex does confess to a not so sneaking ambition. "I'd like to win one more Emmy."

The bottom line is simple. "I'll keep hosting as long as my skills haven't diminished and I still enjoy it. The thought of retiring occurs to me every so often, but so far I am still enjoying it."

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  1. Alex will likely keep doing it until he can't do it anymore..

    The other question is whether Pat and Vanna will re-up after their contracts are up as well in the same year on Wheel.. and the way things are going due to budget cuts in recent years, I'm betting no.. Pat's going to be 70 in October, Vanna's going to be 60 next year.. Sony probably would like to find somebody younger if Wheel continues past 2018..