Sunday, March 6, 2016

GSN upfront horrors

A silly Interwebs rumpus has broken out about Hellevator.

At Game Show Network News Scott Rahner suggested that the GSN horror game show might return for a second season, minus the Soska twins. As you would expect, the "news" (which, of course, is just Scott's speculation) did not sit well with Jen and Sylvia. They went on a twitter binge against Scott.
That [Game Show Network News] isn't a real news source, FYI. It's just a fan site that has a lot of incorrect information. They lie to get hits.
The Soskas also blasted out a couple other swipes at the blog.

All I can say is that the GSN upfront is on Tuesday, March 8. We'll see then if the network has any immediate plans to bring back Hellevator, with or without the Soskas. But even if the show is kaput for now, GSN can always revive it further down the road. Lingo lay fallow for five years before GSN brought it back. Chain Reaction saw an eight-year hiatus before another version surfaced.

Those precedents may not be much solace to the Soskas, because both shows came back with different hosts. I have no clue what (if anything) GSN will announce about Hellevator - or any other show - on March 8. And I'm not going to pretend that I have any inside scoops. Just stay tuned, everybody.

UPDATE: On his twitter feed Scott Rahner is talking about how GSN sends him advance schedules and once sent him a rough cut of Hellevator. Apparently, this means he has inside info of some kind. Which is a goofy claim, of course. I get the GSN schedules myself and sometimes I get rough cuts of upcoming shows (most recently Separation Anxiety). But I still don't have any inside information on GSN's future plans...or anybody else's future plans, for that matter.


  1. Scott Rahner is one of the most delusional bloggers out there. Like it's been said, his "news" is nothing but a fan site. The National Enquirer would love to have him working for them..

  2. I saw a commercial for Empire.

    Terrence Howard was not in the commercial.


    uh, yeah, that makes sense.