Friday, March 18, 2016

Games androids play

For some reason I've never been much of a computer game player. Oh, maybe an occasional bout of Minesweeper but nothing too serious. Of course, TV game shows tend to make nice computer games, since they're games to begin with (duh).

A pundit has listed his top ten Android apps based on game shows. Okay, he lists nine game show apps plus Pawn Stars. (Trivia: the pawnbrokers did two seasons of an actual game show spinoff called Pawnography with host Christopher Titus.)

I was happy to see The Chase on the list, with a realistically dour Mark Labbett glaring at me. Somebody appreciates the show even if GSN seemingly has better things to do. (They sure don't have anything better running on the network right now.) Pointless, a well-known U.K. specialty, made the list along with Catchphrase, which began as a U.S. game show before finding love and happiness across the pond. Otherwise, the group of ten is pretty much a greatest hits collection, from Family Feud to Wheel of Fortune.

I mentioned GSN, which has almost become more of a video game emporium then a cable TV network. GSN Games is a big player in the field, especially in casino games. It's natural synergy, after all.

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