Saturday, March 26, 2016

Catching up

A small ruckus in the radio game show world - not the biggest world to begin with - happened earlier this month. I missed it, so I'm catching up.

Wisconsin Public Radio has long produced a comedy/quiz hybrid - sort of Groucho redux - called Whad'Ya Know. I admit I was only dimly aware of the show, which had shrunk to about a hundred public radio stations around the country from its heyday of over three hundred stations. The Wikipedia article fills in all the details.

Early in March WPR decided to cancel the program. To put it mildly, host Michael Feldman did not take the pink slip with quiet resignation. Can't blame the guy. He's been doing the show for 31 years and it's hard to let go...or to be let go.

Maybe the show will live on in some other format, somewhere on the web or in commercial radio. There are some archived eps for fans to enjoy, though naturally they don't want stale repeats. No matter how nastily things ended, not many shows in any medium can claim a 31-year run.

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