Friday, March 11, 2016

Around the Interwebs with GSN

A few days after the GSN upfront, I rummaged around game show Internet sites to sample the reaction.

At Game Show Network News Scott Rahner didn't bother explaining his pre-upfront post that the Soska twins were "very unlikely" to attend the GSN festivities. (They did show up, of course, and got a second season of Hellevator.) Like me he then pointed out the obvious: the network really, really wants to skew younger. He also offered wild blue evaluations of which GSN projects will emerge from development hell. When it comes to GSN development, I only believe shows when I see 'em.

Game Show Newsnet did what they so often do. They copied a story about the upfront word for word from another site (MediaPost this time). BuzzerBlog did little but pat GSN on the back: "All good things for the network." GSN The know ticked off news from the upfront without much comment, beyond that it was "yet another star-studded event." Okay, they were stars by GSN standards.

Game Show Forum paused from their scores of posts about which episode of which oldie is running on Buzzr to comment on the upfront, largely about GSN's development of Divided. And on the GSN Facebook page, a commenter succinctly echoed the Game Show Forum point of view: "I've heard a lot of great things about Buzzr."

UPDATE: At Game Show Network News Scott Rahner admits that he was wrong about the Soskas not getting an invite to the GSN upfront. Well, he sort of admits it. He plows through a tortured theory that GSN execs were tossing and turning at night over whether to invite them or not, right up to March 8. It's enjoyable fan fiction, anyway.

He also insists for the 487th time that The Chase is cancelled but allows that "many years down the road" the show might return. Of course, the show could return any time Mark Labbett is available. If the new originals crash and burn - a very realistic possibility, especially for the reality shows that don't have naked girls - The Chase might be back with those 600K+ viewer numbers right quick.

Demos only get you so far. If the new shows get Hellevator-ish 200K viewer numbers, The Chase and Chain Reaction may start looking real good real fast to David Goldhill and company. The network sure doesn't mind rerunning those shows in Friday prime time and through the weekend. Don't bother looking for reruns of Hellevator, on Friday or any other day.


  1. Of course gameshownewsnet copied word-for-word. Rahner's not creative enough to report the "news" himself. He still insists the Chase has been cancelled. Maybe it has, but until there's an official word, that's a little premature.

  2. Good that Idiotest (a very SMART show) is getting renewed, and I will give Winsanity a chance. If Divided gets picked up, I will give that a look, too.

    Yeah, The Chase may just be on hiatus, now let's just act like it is.

    One commenter mentioning Buzzr doesn't really mean anything, pretty much like anything GSF (or any other site other than BuzzerBlog or this site) says doesn't mean anything.

    In the meantime, we have a lot of great (we hope) new Primetime games to look forward to. So, it's still mostly positive.

  3. Also, I stopped going to gameshownewsnet when they became very inconsisient with their recapping.

    I don't think they have recapped the last 3-5 Jeopardy TOC for crying out loud!

  4. Did a report on it: