Wednesday, March 2, 2016

All we got was this lousy TV movie

Readers of this blog know that Legends of the Hidden Temple is my favorite kid game show ever, and that includes everything.

As I wrote in a faux tweet, Nickelodeon is now bringing the show back (yay!) but as a crummy little TV movie (boo!) I mean, what's the problem with just making some more game show eps? Why send scripted child actors running around a set, when you could have a genuine unscripted competition?

Nick has already borrowed the Temple Run, moved it outside to Hawaii, and called it Paradise Run. One difference: Paradise Run has friendly lifeguards instead of scary temple guards. This story about the upcoming TV movie tells how the temple guards have given one Legends contestant nightmares for the rest of her life. Sounds a little melodramatic and urban-legendish. But I can well believe that those big, mean temple dudes scared the little kids on the show out of some sleep.

Maybe someday some brilliant exec at Nick will realize that Legends works best as a real game show, not as some tacky movie. At least Olmec will still be around in the TV flick.

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