Sunday, February 7, 2016

Wanna trance?

A while back a story surfaced that Fox would try an American version of British format You're Back in the Room.

It's a hypnotism game show. Honest. A supposedly real-life hypnotist puts civvie contestants into a trance. The contestants then have to perform various mundane tasks, but only after the hypnotist has messed with their minds by implanting all sorts of weird suggestions.

If the entire concept sounds a little weird, this promo for the Brit version looks even weirder. The show generates its humor from the trials and tribulations of the contestants, as they battle the devious suggestions rattling in their heads from hypnosis.

The show got praised and panned in Britain, and there were (definitely non-hypnotic) suggestions that the contestants were only faking their trances. Whatever the truth of those rumors, the show earned a second set of four eps in Britain and has expanded to Australia and France, according to Wikipedia (usual caveats).

Now Fox has put out a casting call for "charismatic individuals" - actors do not apply! - to play the trance game. It looks like You're Back in the Room really will arrive on a TV screen near me one of these days.

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