Saturday, February 13, 2016

TPiR goes prime time

CBS is planning three prime time The Price is Right specials later this year.

The network will use the show to promote three venerable reality franchises: Amazing Race, Survivor and Big Brother. Hosts Phil Keoghan, Jeff Probst and Julie Chen will turn up, along with past contestants from the shows. The racers, castaways and house guests will play alongside fans of the reality epics.

Reality TV is sort of a descendant of our little genre, so there's something vaguely appropriate about using a game show classic to plug the CBS series. Of course, this won't be the first go-round for TPiR in prime time. The CBS version has visited night time for several runs, dating back to 1986. When you've got the head start of daytime's biggest audience, your transition to the prime hours becomes a lot easier.

The nice thing from CBS's viewpoint is that TPiR lends itself to plugging any show in the Eye network's (warning: Variety speak) stable. Just get the stars to come on down with the hoi polloi.


  1. The last time TPIR was in primetime was in 2008. Good to see the show back in primetime seeing how primetime game shows are being revived.

  2. I wonder what the ratings were when the price is right was in nighttime from 03-08