Saturday, February 20, 2016

Shucks, Canucks

A faux tweet noted that an odd twist is currently keeping Canadians from taking Jeopardy's online test. The culprit seems to be Canada's anti-spam law, which apparently is making Sony nervous about accepting online applicants from the great white north.

This Toronto Star story explains the ins and outs of the anti-spam legislation and its draconian penalties (up to $10 million in fines). Microsoft also got cold feet on some security patches but found a way through the law. A lawyer says: "It seems to me that those hurdles are very easy to get around." But lawyers always say that, don't they?

My guess is that Canadians will soon be taking the Jeopardy exam with no problems. Sony will jump through whatever hoops the law dictates, and we'll get back to more important issues. Like whether ties are truly obsolete on Jeopardy. I mean tie scores, not the things Alex wears around his neck.

Alex, as we all know, is from Canada himself.

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