Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ratings: syndies generally improve

The week of February 8-14 was mostly a happy one for syndie game shows. Everybody except Pat and Vanna gained ground, and Wheel of Fortune didn't lose any. TV News Check lists the household ratings...

Wheel of Fortune 7.4 - flat
Family Feud 7.3 - up four ticks and there's good demo news (see below)
Jeopardy 6.9 - up a couple ticks for the college tournament finale
Millionaire 1.5 - up a tick
Celebrity Name Game 1.5 - up a tick

Women 25-54 seems to be the new be-all-and-end-all demo for syndies. TV by the Numbers says that the top three game shows did just fine in the demo, with Feud leading all syndication. Family Feud 4.1, Wheel of Fortune 2.7, Jeopardy 2.3. All three landed in the top ten among syndies in W25-54.

TV Newser reports that GSN kept its ratings mojo for the week of February 15-21. 432K/343K/456K viewers prime time/total day/extended prime time. The network ranked 39th, 28th (again very good for total day) and 33rd in the windows.


  1. Why The Chase photo on a post that has nothing to do with The Chase?

    1. Dude, considering you are declaring The Chase cancelled when NO OFFICIAL WORD has come out (but then again, not surprising coming from you), you hardly have room to criticize someone else's blog.

  2. The entry refers to the GSN averages. The Chase is a part of all three numbers. In fact, if you hover the cursor over the picture, you'll see something that might make things clearer.

    I agree with the other poster about the lack of any official word that The Chase is cancelled. You're putting an awful lot of weight on one small part of the GSN web site.

  3. Oh, one other thing. Why are you worried about the pictures I put on my blog? Take care of your own blog, and I'll take care of mine.

  4. At least Millionaire is in the mid 1's. That's a positive. I don't mind that photo from The Chase. The show is part of why GSN's ratings have been good recently.