Sunday, February 28, 2016

Playing with numbers

Over at Game Show Network News Scott Rahner has listed the total viewer numbers for all 51 new eps of GSN's The Chase.

He should know better than to give a retired actuary all those numbers to play with. I made them into the chart in the screenshot, so you can see how the viewer numbers changed over time. After a relatively slow start in August 2013, the show peaked early in its run, with a couple 800K+ viewer numbers in January and February of 2014.

The Chase never quite returned to those lofty heights, though it churned out a few more 700K+ numbers in December 2014 and January 2015. I call this the second peak. Even the latest batch of episodes in November and December 2015 produced very nice total viewer numbers by GSN standards, though the sheen had come off a little.

Scott says the show has now been cancelled. I dunno, GSN could bring it back any time they can get Mark Labbett's attention. The real problem is one not shown on the chart at all. If half or more of the show's viewers were in the Sacred Demo of 18-49, GSN would be falling all over itself to tape more eps with Mark and Brooke. But The Chase is a very traditional quizzer with the very traditional old skew.

GSN keeps promoting reruns of the show as part of its Friday lineup. So maybe there's still a little hope for the best show on the network.

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  1. Nice post and chart :)

    The Chase USA is most likely off to network television in the near future, if all works out. Likely ABC. Whatever non-GSN network, the series is apparently looking for "contestants of both genders and all diversities."