Thursday, February 25, 2016

Pitcher makes big time

Little kids dream every night of one day becoming...a clue on Jeopardy.

Okay, 99.9% of kids don't dream about that. The other 0.1% need to get a better dream. But Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander is still proud of getting his own Jeopardy clue in a recent show. A picture of Verlander popped up with the clue. "The pitcher most recently named the American League's MVP was this fire-balling Tiger."

In fact, it's a little controversial for a pitcher to get a league MVP award. The hurlers already have their own Cy Young kudo. So non-pitchers get miffed when a pitcher invades the MVP voting. But Verlander's 2011 season was so good that the writers voted him the American League honor. (The writers also regularly rip off Mike Trout by not voting him as the league's MVP, but that's another ruckus.)

Right now Justin Verlander is in Florida for spring training. This is a six-week excuse for baseball players and media guys to play golf in nice weather while allegedly getting ready for the season.

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