Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Past blast

For whatever reason - my guess is sheer dumb nostalgia on its twentieth anniversary - the New York Daily News has brought back its 1996 review of Happy Gilmore.

The movie did decent box office but was routine and mostly forgettable. Happy Gilmore's one enduring claim to fame is the highlarious duke-out between star Adam Sandler and The Price is Right legend Bob Barker on a golf course. The Daily News review singles out the scene for its highest praise, as you would expect. "The funniest sequence finds Happy paired in a celebrity tournament with game-show host Bob Barker, who turns out, hilariously, to be more than a match for Happy, physically and linguistically."

The scene has grown its own legend over the years. Messrs. Sandler and Barker redid the fisticuffs - this time in a hospital - for a charity special on Comedy Central. The Bold and the Beautiful also got Bob to film a similar scene where he punches out an animal rights opponent. Bob loves his pets, after all. Just have them spayed or neutered. (We did with our chocolate Lab, Bob.)

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  1. BTW, Hollywood Game Night averaged 3.8 million viewers last night and had a 1.0 in the demo. Doing okay against tough competition.