Friday, February 19, 2016

More What's My Line news

In 2014 a little flurry of excitement erupted over a Facebook post by veteran game show announcer Randy West about a possible What's My Line remake.

The post featured the glimpse of the new set in this entry's screenshot. The little flurry faded fast as no new version of WML ever surfaced. But now there's news of a couple tapings this month of another What's My Line remake. Fremantle seems to be involved. At least they're the "producers of America's Got Talent and The Price is Right" in the taping notice.

The Second City troupe will supply the panelists. The taping item promises "comedy, hijinks and hilarity." But don't they always promise such things? Intriguingly, the WML logo in the 2016 story seems to be the same as the logo on the 2014 set.

My conspiracy theory self is turning active here. Fremantle has called the lawyer hounds off the WML YouTube channel, at least for now. Is it because they're planning a What's My Line revival, and somebody figured out that the YouTube channel might be good publicity for the new version? Or am I just getting lost in hazy theorizing?

Probably the latter. We'll see if these two tapings ever lead to an actual show.


  1. Casey, I want the March 7-13 PDFs NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I confess that I was thinking along the same lines. I scolded Fremantle in the appeals I've been submitted for the TTTT videos they've been trying to claim copyright over lately (illegally and falsely), by saying they would be better served to focus on their own lack of programming than trying to leech off the efforts of other folks on YouTube. Within a week, suddenly, some "new" episodes of TTTT started showing up on Buzzr, the first new B&W shows to be aired for around 8 months (they've otherwise been recycling the same 40-50 shows of each series over and over again). Then a couple of weeks later. . . yet another attempt at launching a WML revival, quite possibly to be based on YouTube. To say my enthusiasm is limited is an understatement.

    1. We'll see. It's still amazing that some people at Fremantle see YouTube as a threat instead of an ally. My guess is that smarter folks at Fremantle will eventually prevail.