Sunday, February 21, 2016

Just a Yahoo kind of week

One of the persistent themes in the Silicon Valley press is whether Marissa Mayer can turn around diminished Internet 1.0 survivor Yahoo.

To put it mildly, the jury is still out on Marissa's ministrations. But regardless of the site's future, Yahoo has come up with a cute feature called This Week in Game Shows. The latest installment reviews Drew Carey on the Tonight Show and goofy clips from Family Feud and Wheel of Fortune.

You might call it Yahoo's answer to my own "Video From Our Little Genre" mini-blog in the sidebar. In fact, the Wheel of Fortune clip - it's Paris, er, France, er, Italy - has turned up on both sites. The Yahoo videos generally run a minute and a half or so. They're quick and breezy looks at the week's weirdness.

The bare-chested guy in Drew's Tonight Show clip could use some gym sessions, though. But so could I.

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