Monday, February 8, 2016

Fan knows best

For a while I've been advising Jimmy Fallon to produce a game show. After all, he plays a lot of game segments on his late night talker. Guess what. Another chatfest host has beaten him to the production punch. The other Jimmy (Kimmel) will produce Big Fan, a half-hour game show based on the Who Knows segments on his own talker. ABC has greenlighted the project.

The concept is simple: a celeb and three superfans battle it out to decide who knows more about the celeb's life and career. If you want to see the game segment that's the basis of the show, try this edition with Katy Perry. It's kind of silly but endearing, as Katy struggles to beat the buzzer against her adoring fan.

Andy Richter will host. He helmed one of the Pyramid pilots that never went anywhere, before ABC finally decided to remake the show with Michael Strahan. Jimmy Kimmel puts things into perspective: "Andy Richter is a great host, and I can't think of a better way to terrify celebrities."

Don't know if the show will really frighten anybody, but ABC seems to like our little genre lately. Must be those nice Celebrity Family Feud ratings. No word yet on a debut date for Big Fan.

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