Saturday, February 6, 2016

Don't blame Drew

Yahoo - remember that Internet 1.0 site? - busts Drew Carey's chops over a painful bailout by contestant Moses McClendon on The Price is Right this week. Golden Road has all the brutal details. Except why blame Drew for a contestant's bad decision? Even Moses' wife (sounds biblical) was advising him to take the money and run.

The setup was that Drew offered Moses a couple grand to bail out of Spelling Bee instead of trying for a new car. Mr. McClendon took the cash, only to discover that he would have won the car if he had stayed in the game. Sure, it's a big ouch moment, but stuff like that happens all the time on game shows. The other CBS daytime entry, Let's Make a Deal, makes a mint by crushing contestants with zonks.

I know, it's dumb to get upset with Yahoo's bashing of Drew Carey over a cash offer to bail out of some silly little game. The bashing is mostly tongue in cheek, anyway, or at least I hope it is. Drew sounded miserable after the semi-zonk - Moses got $2,000, after all - and the host's regret seemed genuine. It's just a feature of the show. Nobody forces you to go on TPiR and face the possibility (egads!) of bad luck.

I would have kept going in the game. But I'm the sort who would probably bet it all in Final Jeopardy.


  1. Those boards have been after Drew even since he took over for Barker. All Drew did was tell the contestant the rules of the game. After the contestant made his decision, Drew told him he thought the made the right decision because the odds were severely against him in picking one of the two cards that were automatic winners. And the player walked out with a couple grand. Pretty good if you ask me.

  2. Oh, I think Yahoo was just kidding a little. They could bash Wayne Brady every day for tempting contestants who then get zonked.

    But I agree that Golden Road is mostly hostile to Drew. He's not Bob, after all.

  3. Correct...Drew simply said what was truth...if he quit, he would get $2K. Odds were against the contestant.

    If the contestant had gone on and lost the $2K without Drew telling him that, he's still be blasted.

  4. This sort of thing happened once before. (