Friday, February 26, 2016

Dating Game goes literary

I never thought I'd write the title of this blog entry. If there's anything in the world that ain't literary, it's Chuck Barris' much imitated, much derided, and much watched dating epic.

But this month in Atlanta, Dating Game really will meet literature high and low. The show comes from an outfit called Transgression, which seems to specialize in wackier takes on classic (and not so classic) fiction. According to a local Atlanta web site, we'll see "some of the most notable romantic literary icons participating in ABC's classic '70s game show The Dating Game."

The bachelor will be Christian Grey of 50 Shades of Grey, played by Gavin Godfrey. I can sort of believe that role, especially if the other characters are into BDSM. The bachelorette will be Hester Prynne from The Scarlet Letter (really) played by Lauren Traetto. That's a lot more of a stretch, and I can imagine Nathaniel Hawthorne doing 360s in his grave as I type. Ms. Traetto says she will portray Hester as "feminist, self-possessed, very strong, flirtatious, sex-positive." Oh boy, more 360s for Hawthorne.

In fact, the show sounds like a lot of fun for those who suffered through too many English lit courses. Some of the eager contestants in the dating q-and-a include Jane Eyre, Dorian Gray, Peter Parker, Bridget Jones and James Bond. The host is Chuck Woolery, played by Jason Mallory. Why not Chuck Barris? Oh well, Woolery did host a version of Dating Game in the 1990s.

The Dating Game: Literary Icons Looking for Love is coming to Dad's Garage Theatre in Atlanta February 29. Ready or not, Nathaniel.

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