Thursday, February 18, 2016

Arm's length

If you read this blog much at all, you know I like to keep my distance from the game show business.

Not that I think the business is evil or slimy or a real poopie-pants. It's just that I want to keep this an independent fan's blog with no ties to anybody who might influence my (oh so precious) opinion. Yeah, I'm probably being ridiculously scrupulous. Who gives a flip about my opinion, anyway? You shouldn't care, that's for sure.

The advance schedules from GSN are the one semi-exception I make to this rule. I figure they're a service to the reader and don't really compromise anything. I'm gonna spout off about GSN any way I like, regardless of the schedules.

As I mentioned in a faux tweet, I got an e-mail from TBS's upcoming Separation Anxiety with rough cuts of three episodes and an interview possibility with one of the co-hosts. I watched some of the rough cut footage, and all I'll say right now is that the show seems pleasant enough. I'll save the rest for when Separation Anxiety actually debuts March 8.

As for the interview chance, well, sorry. What if I watch the final product and decide it ain't so great? I just don't want to have any contact at all with the people I'm criticizing. So while I appreciate the chance, you nice folks at TBS, I'll have to pass.

I am using one of the publicity stills in the e-mail. But it doesn't reveal any of the show. It's just a random shot of co-hosts Adam Ray and Iliza Shlesinger. That seems harmless.

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