Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Another contestant story

A while back I posted a faux tweet about Alabama's Sarah Tarter, a contestant on tonight's Hollywood Game Night. Wouldn't you know, the local media has done a follow-up story on her. Maybe because her winsome photo (which I have shamelessly stolen) brightens up a web page.

The story tells us: "When she isn't playing the role of wife and mother of two, Sarah Kathryn Tarter is wearing her game face." That's a nice way to introduce any game show civvie. Sarah's an avid pop culture nut and confesses to an addiction to Us Weekly. I can't think of better prep for Hollywood Game Night.

An interesting part of the story is the elaborate contestant screening that civvies on the show have to endure. I figured that Hollywood Game Night would just pick people off the street, almost. Silly me. Sarah had to go through the online app, mock games with casting directors, and "five or six" interviews before she got to rub shoulders with the celebs.

One of the celebs on her ep was Kesha Sebert - I'm not going near the legal controversy - and Sarah says that "was funny because I dressed up as Kesha for Halloween a few years ago." She didn't have to do that on Hollywood Game Night. But she will have a viewing party with family and friends.

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