Monday, February 8, 2016

Amy speaks

GSN exec veep Amy Introcaso-Davis got interviewed at the NATPE schmoozefest. (I can never be sure if I'm spelling her maiden name right, so I'll just call her "Amy." Sounds friendlier, anyway.)

I'd like to say that Amy revealed all sorts of hot news about GSN's upcoming projects. But beyond plugging Winsanity, already taping in LA, she had little to say about the future. The NATPE person duly complimented her for her network's recent run of ratings success, which has been notable.

Basically, she offered some cliches about believing in a project if you're pitching it to GSN, and how important play-along value is for game shows. She also used the term "shiny floor game shows" for traditional studio-based efforts. For some goofy reason, the term has always bugged me. What if there's a carpet on the floor?

Amy revealed that she watched Hollywood Squares and Password as a kid, and she still catches General Hospital on DVR. She called The Chase a "great" show, which it is, but she didn't say anything about another season. Not an encouraging sign.

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