Monday, January 11, 2016

Time wins again

Almost the first thing I saw on the Internet this morning was the sad news of David Bowie's death from cancer.

While I was never a particular fan, like everybody else I couldn't escape his music if I wanted to. His IMDb page lists 452 soundtrack credits. Sometimes the entire entertainment business seems to have functioned with David Bowie songs in the background.

I scrounged through the IMDb self credits hoping to find an episode of, I dunno, Hollywood Squares or something. The closest brush I saw with our little genre was a 1997 appearance on Wetten dass, the German game show plus talk/variety/stunt epic that ran forever (well, actually from 1981 to 2014). YouTube has part of Bowie's turn on the show, and if you understand German maybe you can tell me what they're talking about.

A cautionary note is that Bowie was only five years older than myself. Sooner or later time will beat me, too. David Bowie was 69. R.I.P.


  1. The entire game show community can only hope that you're next.

    1. The entire game show community is impressed by little scumbag cowards who hide behind anonymous e-mail addresses.

    2. Was that a personal attack on Casey or are you admitting that the game show fanbase online is so vile that they wish death on anyone who disagrees with them?

  2. Like you I was never a "fan" of Bowie. I liked a couple of his singles (Space Oddity, Changes, Fame) but I do know his influence in the pop music genre. And 69 is way too young (take it from a 63 year old).

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