Sunday, January 24, 2016

So romantic

Valentine's Day approaches, and ain't love grand? In Birmingham, AL they're getting ready for Romantically Challenged, a live game show modeled after Dating Game and Newlywed Game.

The host of the show, a guy named Max Rykov, offers some lessons for life. Online dating sucks, appearances aren't everything, don't take yourself too seriously, honesty is important, and keep trying if at first you don't succeed.

My cliché meter just went off-scale high. But the truisms are accurate enough, I guess. The set for the show (see screenshot) looks beyond tacky, as if a third-hand store just emptied out its contents. The big red heart is a nice touch, too. But a show like this should have a tacky set. This is Chuck Barris country, after all.

Dating Game is a natural for live shows because you don't need any money, just willing contestants. And who isn't willing to find a little love? Good luck to all the hopeful daters in Alabama.

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