Sunday, January 3, 2016

NYE games

NBC tried a live New Year's Eve version of Hollywood Game Night to pass the time before the big ball came down. It's kind of ridiculous to review the show because it was basically just another HGN ep. But I gotta write about something, so I watched the show on the NBC web site.

There were a few differences from the usual format. Jane Lynch was off somewhere, so Andy Cohen hosted. He had been hitting the booze early and often and called Carson Daly "Carson Davy." They also got rid of the civvie contestants, who are always an afterthought anyway, and just used eight sort of celebs. Panic at the Disco was the house band, and the show began with a painfully unfunny make-up room skit.

Otherwise, it was normal Hollywood Game Night service. Some of the celebs were more competent at the games than others, but nobody was completely terrible. Everybody got to plug their various projects. There was lots of confetti and dancing at the end, and lots of looks at Times Square outside (with Carson Davy Daly). The show got blah numbers by NBC prime time standards. 3.72M total viewers and a 1.0 18-49 rating.

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