Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year's resolution

At least as far back as the cautionary tale of Sid Caesar - younger readers can google the name if they don't know who I'm talking about - TV has gotten a reputation for destroying performers' lives. So it's a nice change when TV folks actually put their lives back together while working in the medium (so called because television is neither rare nor well done - an old joke.) The Price is Right's Drew Carey falls into that fortunate category.

In a long story in this month's Success magazine, Carey recounts his well-known bouts of suicidal depression as a teenager, and his lifelong struggles with physical health issues. As anybody can verify from watching The Price is Right, Drew has shed a lot of weight and a lot of other problems, including a nasty drinking habit. Just to test himself Carey recently tried an experiment in Germany...

I'm not an alcoholic, but I used to drink a lot. So I decided to go to a beer hall in Berlin and get drunk for the first time in almost five years. And I didn't like it. I didn't like being drunk, didn't like the after-effects because I can't think. I didn't enjoy it, so I probably won't ever do it again.

Carey goes on to advise young people to set goals in life and stick to them. Sounds like simple, almost clich├ęd advice, but it's worked for him. A personal note: I can't say I've emulated Drew's weight loss - far from it, I'm afraid - but I did stop drinking a long time ago. That helped.

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