Friday, January 8, 2016

More yelling

truTV has re-upped Billy on the Street for another season of ten eps.

It's notable that the linked story doesn't mention any ratings for the show, beyond the median viewer age of 31. That's because the very loud Billy Eichner just doesn't get very good numbers for truTV. His latest efforts on January 6 got 288K total viewers and a 0.15 18-49 rating at 11:00 PM and 206K viewers and a 0.10 18-49 rating at 11:30 PM. These are so-so to downright poor numbers by truTV standards.

But the people who do tune in skew young, and the show spawns a lot of "viral videos." That, plus some critics saying nice things, seems to be enough to survive in cable land nowadays. Truth be told, I think the viral videos are about the only way to stand Eichner. A half-hour (or, God help us, an hour) of the guy is unendurable, IMO.

Billy on the Street is only vaguely a game show. But Billy does ambush civvies with goofy questions, so I guess it somehow sneaks into the genre. And now the show has snuck into another season. No matter what anybody says about him, Billy Eichner has hung around.

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