Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Matt Ottinger news!

Matt Ottinger has turned up in Google News, and it's not about the game show board formerly known as his.

Instead, the news story concerns plans by Michigan State University to sell the broadcasting spectrum space used for its PBS affiliate WKAR-TV. Among other things the station features Matt's long-running game show QuizBusters. (YouTube has a lot of the show, if you want to sample it.) The linked story says that 17% of the station's viewers watch WKAR-TV through over-the-air antennas. Those folks would get shut out if the station couldn't use the broadcasting spectrum.

So when Michigan State ran a public forum on their plans to sell the spectrum space, they got an earful. Matt himself speaks at length in the article about how he wants to continue doing the quizzer, no matter what happens with the spectrum sale. "I love doing the show and I want to do it in whatever format possible." The story says that Matt has spent more than two decades as the host and associate producer of QuizBusters. Yeah, it's been that long.


  1. I never even knew who this was and only see you refer to something as the former board of his or something to that effect. So this is something I've wanted to ask for a while. What board is this? Why do you call it his former board? Is that what it's actually called?

  2. The board is Game Show Forum. Matt Ottinger used to be one of the moderators.

  3. Paul Zimmerman, its a hellish place where two or three people bitch about Drew Carey and complain about the 90 airings of Sir Steve Harvey Feud on gsn

    1. I mean, at this point, who really gives a damn what they think?

      Get this, sometimes I go into that forums archives just for laughs...........MY GOD! It was waaaaayyyy worse during it's "heyday," it's just not pretty whatsoever.