Friday, January 29, 2016

Exporting the Sony soulmates

They have workshops all over the place, even in game show land.

CBS is bringing in Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy licensees from around the world to Sony Studios in Culver City February 3-5. The idea is to revive interest in the formats here, there and everywhere. Wikipedia says both shows have spawned numerous international versions. But a lot of the exports have gone dark, and CBS wants to brighten them once again.

A CBS exec helpfully explains. "As two of the most popular game show formats in the world, we're excited to be giving licensees the opportunity to learn more about what makes these formats such successes on U.S. television." The licensees will spend time "on set, backstage and in the control room" of both shows.

The U.S. can use all the help it can get with its trade deficit, so the workshop doesn't sound like such a bad idea. Maybe the licensees can also worship at the shrine of Merv Griffin (sorry for the lèse majesté). Wheel occasionally shows clips from some of its surviving international versions, which tend to look rather more festive than the American show (see the screenshot).

Oh well, good luck to CBS and Sony on getting the soulmates onto more TV screens around the globe.

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