Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Everybody's got to start somewhere

Reuters runs a monthly "First Jobs" series with various celebs reminiscing about their first gigs. Wouldn't you know, this month is the first time I ever heard about it.

Today Reuters features four game show hosts. Bob Eubanks of Newlywed Game legend has the funniest story. He got his first job as a doorman at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. He ended up getting fired after an unfortunate adventure with a ladder. So when he won a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, he wanted it right in front of the Egyptian, and he got his wish.

Wink Martindale of Tic Tic Dough and hundreds (slight exaggeration) of other shows, recalls his gig as a morning DJ in Memphis. They once played a new record by some unknown named Elvis Presley, and then they got Elvis' first interview.

Well-known letter-turner Vanna White started out as a soda counter waitress. It helped her develop better people skills, she says. No word on whether the job improved her command of the alphabet. And finally, Jeopardy's Alex Trebek got his first job as a bellhop at a Sudbury, Ontario hotel courtesy of his father, who worked as the chef at the place. He was four hours late for his first day of work. "Not a good start."

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  1. Alex was also a trashman in Cincinnati. Check the very first jeopardy shows from 1984 for verification