Sunday, January 10, 2016

Building a new Pyramid

ABC confirmed it on Saturday. A reboot of 100K Pyramid is set for summer prime time on the alphabet net (sorry for the Variety speak).

Vulture broke the story and gushes: "File this under the category of Things That Are Awesome." No doubt the format is one of the all-time best, spanning five decades in a bunch of versions since its first glimmer in 1973. After Sony foolishly axed the 2002-04 Donny Osmond syndie, CBS and TBS played with remakes but never committed. In 2012 GSN taped forty eps of its own version, which was almost identical to the classic Dick Clark format. The show grinds on in weekday reruns.

Vulture reports Michael Strahan, aider and abettor of Kelly Ripa, will host. The site says there will be no major changes to the usual gameplay. Oddly, the new ABC version will mark Pyramid's debut as a regular prime time series on a broadcast network. Of course, those networks are far from the behemoths they once were. Sony will produce the show with Vin Rubino, a game show vet who worked on GSN's current Chain Reaction, as one of the showrunners.

UNRELATED BLOG NOTE: Game Show Kingdom has gone away. So I replaced it on the blogroll with the busy Jeopardy forum at I also added the Wikipedia list of U.S. game show articles and the Mark Goodson wiki. Before today I had never heard of the Mark Goodson wiki, but it got slammed on what's left of what used to be Matt Ottinger's board. So I figure the wiki can't be all bad. Okay, any wiki is subject to the usual caveats, but you knew that already.


  1. I was wondering what happened to Game Show Kingdom. I was watching an episode of Hollywood Game Night on Tuesday and missed something. I went to check the blog the next morning and it was gone. It wad working on Tuesday morning.

    I enjoyed that they had detailed descriptions of episodes of certain game shows I had missed like Hollywood Game Night and had a good back catalog from previous years.
    Does anyone know if it is temporary or if it is permanent? Does anyone know what happened?

    1. Got me. All I know is that the blog was taken down.

  2. Pyramid is a format that can work in any era! So excited to see one of the game shows ever, return! Also, given who's working on it, and the fact the fact the gameplay will stay true, is a great sign.

    Michael Strahan as host.......hmmmmm. He is a TV vet now, but him hosting a true game show, we'll see. I'm not one to judge by choice of host, for now, I am excited for this!