Thursday, December 31, 2015

Who are these people?

Having nothing better to do on New Year's Eve Eve, TLC dumped the pilot of a game show called Bet on Me at 10:00 PM. It's yet another street-level ambush show (see Eichner, Billy).

The good news is that host Casey Jost isn't nearly as obnoxious as Eichner. The bad news is that host Casey Jost isn't nearly as obnoxious as Eichner, which makes Bet on Me a little dull. But fortunately for anybody who happened to watch, Bet on Me isn't a total train wreck.

The format is simple. Jost accosts a complete stranger, who becomes the contestant, and starts asking them questions about another complete stranger (who, we hope, is blissfully unaware of Casey and the contestant.) Eventually Jost and the contestant intrude on the second stranger and find out if the answers were correct.

The questions range from innocuous ("has she ever been on stage?") to mildly irritating ("has she ever had a one-night stand?") But when everybody gets together to find out which answers were right, the show becomes sort of fun. At least the get-togethers which made it into the finished pilot were sort of fun. I can imagine that some people got annoyed at being tracked as prey for a game show.

I doubt that Bet on Me will survive past the pilot stage. My guess is that most viewers will find it silly and even slightly creepy. At one point Jost asks a contestant: "Doesn't this feel like we're stalking somebody?" Well, yes it does, a little.

UPDATE: Bet on Me gets 454K total viewers and a 0.16 18-49 rating. Not that great by TLC standards.

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