Friday, December 4, 2015

We gotta get outta this room

A while back Science Channel tried a game show called Race to Escape.

Based on the amusement park fad of escaping from a locked room, the show wasn't bad for what it was. But Science Channel being science-y, they made the show too erudite for its own good. The clues to the teams in the locked rooms were obscure and kind of nerdy, and host Jimmy Pardo kept interrupting with lectures on selective perception and other faux-educational bits from Psychology 101. Race to Escape suffered through one low-rated season and vanished.

Now Pop, the one-time TV Guide Channel, is developing an almost identical format. But it sounds like they've learned from Science Channel's mistakes. The teams in the locked rooms will include celebs with the civvies, and the clues will be pop culture-based, "ranging from zombie apocalypse to a totally tubular 80's teen dream." In other words, the format will get dumbed down, which is exactly what it needs. Honest.

I doubt that Pop's show will offer any lectures on selective perception. The working title for the project is Celebrity Escape Room, which is already pretty basic. I'll check back if and when the show ever sees the light of cable.


  1. This fails in the same place many shows of this type fail--no real ability to play along at home. Doesn't matter how much they dumb it down.

    1. Reality shows have no playalong value, and lots of them seem to prosper. Actually, it's kind of fun to try to guess the clues before the poor schmucks in the locked room do.