Saturday, December 26, 2015

Them old time numbers

No surprise to see a long thread called "Daytime major network game shows 1970s and 80s" on the board formerly known as Matt Ottinger's.

An outsider could be forgiven for thinking the entire board is one long thread about the '70s and '80s. (With some stuff about the '50s and '60s thrown in.) Anyway, this particular thread leads off with a long-winded dissertation on the ins and outs of various game shows of the period. Somehow the poster also tosses in the obligatory dig at Steve Harvey's Family Feud. Which is required on any Game Show Forum thread with a non-zero number of posts.

The thread also includes the usual intramural sniping, but that's no surprise, either. What caught my eye about the otherwise predictable goings-on was a long list of daytime TV ratings from 1975. Match Game led the list with, get this, an 11.3 household rating and a 35 share.

Ah, the days of the long vanished broadcast triopoly. With so few choices available, Gene and friends could command over a third of the TV sets in use. Nowadays a broadcast show can survive with a twentieth of the viewing audience, and cable shows with much less than that.

One other note about the list of daytime ratings. There's not a talk show or a court show in sight. Who knew what was coming in the daytime hours?

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