Wednesday, December 16, 2015

One bites the dust

Broadcast networks seem reluctant to cancel any of their shows nowadays. Most shows get such small slivers of the audience in the 1200-channel universe that it's tough to pick the outright losers. But NBC has accomplished the task with Best Time Ever, the variety and game show blend with Neil Patrick Harris. The show is officially axed after one so-so season.

Funny thing: the show really didn't get such bad numbers, at least by current shriveled broadcast standards. But Best Time Ever was allegedly expensive to produce because of all the live action, and NBC execs had to prove that they could cancel something. Otherwise, why have any NBC execs at all? (I'm just kidding, sort of.)

I thought the show was a mix of okay stuff and bad stuff. The game show segments were all right. They went by quickly and didn't embarrass anybody. But the celebrity prank segments were godawful. They dragged on forever and looked phony as a faked orgasm. The song and dance segments were run of the mill, not terrible, not great.

I don't know if Harris was the right choice for host. Maybe somebody with more mainstream appeal might have made everything work better. Was Steve Harvey too busy? (I am kidding about that.)


  1. Non related, but I looked at the GSN schedule through Zap2it, and I have the christmas marathons. Well, it's only one this time around. It's just a Harvey Feud marathon from noon to 8 pm. And oddly enough, two new episodes of Chain Reaction will air that night. Nothing on Christmas eve either, just a blah schedule.

    1. I do not know why Casey does not have the December 21-27 schedule. I just checked into my email for the first time since Friday and GSN sent me the December 21-27 schedule on Monday 12/14.


  3. I dunno, maybe I just deleted it by accident. Anyway, the schedule for December 21-27 is now posted in the sidebar.

  4. NPH is mainstream. He's not just a great actor, but he has publicly admitted he is a big game show guy, too.

    I would not mind seeing him host a straight up game show in the future. Maybe he could host NBC's upcoming show Quiz Up?