Monday, December 14, 2015

No surprise?

Game Show Newsnet should rename itself Unscripted TV Newsnet, because the site spends so much time on anything except game shows.

But the site doesn't make stuff up. If they report something - on game shows or, as so often happens, on some other kind of show - you can usually take it to the bank. So their tweet this morning that ABC has renewed Celebrity Family Feud is almost certainly accurate, though I haven't yet been able to find any confirmation on the web.

The renewal would come as no surprise, of course. Steve Harvey and his celeb buddies produced one of last summer's genuine hits with the six-week run of the venerable format. A renewal was a foregone conclusion, as soon as Mr. Harvey's hectic schedule would allow. ABC wasn't going to pass on the chance for more nice numbers next summer.

Family Feud was Mark Goodson's second favorite format, after only To Tell the Truth, and the feuders are still going strong after all these decades. The Nielsen survey says so.

UPDATE: A commenter points out that BuzzerBlog broke the story of the renewal. But Alex Davis' post now has this disclaimer...

FremantleMedia has reached out to let us know that the On-Camera Audience posting stating the show would tape in March was uploaded in error. Neither FremantleMedia nor ABC have officially announced that the series has been picked up, or any potential tape dates.

Stay tuned.

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  1. BuzzerBlog broke the story three days ago: