Friday, December 18, 2015

More on 2015

After I saw a few stories in the general entertainment media about game shows in 2015, I started to look at the game show boards for any retrospectives. What's left of what used to be Matt Ottinger's board offered a brief thread on the topic.

The original poster included a couple non-game show items in his list of Big Things in 2015. And most of the thread argued about one item only: "Jeopardy's Matt Jackson becoming the anti-Arthur Chu." I'm not much interested in this subject, because I don't really care what an anti-Chu might look like. I'm tired enough of the original Chu.

But that's not what caught my eye the most. As I should have expected on the oldies board to end all oldies boards, the top item on the original poster's list was "the debut of Buzzr." Have to admit, I had forgotten all about the digital subchannel when I looked back over 2015 myself. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess. Like most people in the country I can't get Buzzr on my cable system, so it's easy to forget about the diginet, even for a game show blogger.

But, yeah, Buzzr's launch is an important development, though more for its potential as a competitor to GSN than for its current status as an oldies outlet for a few Internet hardcores. GSN has barely noticed its upstart rival so far, as David Goldhill's operation is romping to its most watched year ever. But down the road things might get interesting as Buzzr switches to more recent shows and starts attracting a few more viewers.

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  1. Casey, I heard from Gary (the administrator of the "What's My Line?" Facebook group) that Buzzr has been censoring comments on their Facebook page that criticize their rerun abuse of the same 40 episodes.

    If that's actually true, that's low and pathetic of them.