Saturday, December 19, 2015

More and more on 2015

This year-end retrospective stuff is getting out of hand.

Now even AOL is doing a blooper reel of 2015 game show moments. This is remarkable because who knew that AOL still existed? It's a blast from the floppy-disk online 1.0 era, back in the dark ages when Star Wars hadn't gotten past movie number four.

In fact, I was already vaguely aware that AOL was still around. I heard about them when they bought HuffPo in a goofy attempt to get hip. (You know you're square when you think HuffPo is remotely approaching hip.) In fact, AOL owes the game show blooper reel to HuffPo. At least there's a logo spinning around in the lower right-hand corner.

As blooper reels go, it's not terrible, despite the cutesy music. We get subtitles for the dialogue, which has to mark some kind of technological advance in bloopers. And I had forgotten the "pointed desert" moment on Wheel of Fortune. Which is interesting not just for the klutzy solve attempt, but also for Pat Sajak's barely concealed exasperation. Of course, it's not the first time that Pat has gone off a little...

I do everything, dammit. I have to interview those people. I have to keep track of the rules. She just touches the letters. And they light up for her. I can't stand it any more.

Sometimes Mr. Sajak has to let some exasperation show.