Monday, December 21, 2015

Live TV, folks

Maybe Steve Harvey really is working too much.

Amid Family Feud, the TV talk show, the radio talk show, the books, the movies and the baseball cards (just kidding about that last item), Steve tried to shoehorn in the host gig at the Miss Universe pageant. He's probably regretting that career move right now. Last night Harvey managed to screw up the one moment anybody pays attention to the host of a beauty pageant: when he announces the victor.

Yep, somehow Steve managed to announce the wrong winner. He gave the crown to Miss Colombia instead of the true winner, Miss Philippines. As you might expect, the Interwebs exploded in glee and disbelief over the massive goof. It didn't help that in an apology on Twitter, Steve managed to misspell the names of both countries involved.

Just to add insult to goof-up injury, the former owner of the pageant, a guy named Donald Trump, tweeted that the gaffe would never have happened if he were still running the show. (In a spasm of political correctness, NBC forced Trump to sell the pageant earlier this year. A few months later a chagrined NBC was bringing the GOP frontrunner back as host of Saturday Night Live.)

Usually I pay zero attention to beauty pageants. The Miss Universe pageant - which, despite the name, is still confined to contestants from a little planet revolving around a middling star - has always been of no concern to me, though I did get a faux tweet out of Steve Harvey's host gig. But now I've gotten an entire blog entry out of the contest. So I'm happy, anyway.

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