Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Just super

A faux tweet mentioned Fox's upcoming two-hour game show/talent contest SuperHuman.

The home of the Simpsons and Empire will run the special January 4. I guess we could see more eps if the numbers look good enough. Some contestant stories have already popped up, like this blurb for Yusnier Viera, a calculation wizard originally from Cuba.

The format looks pretty simple from the Fox teaser video. Twelve people with unusual mental abilities will compete in various challenges. A panel of judges, which weirdly includes ex-pugilist Mike Tyson, and the audience will then decide who wins the hundred grand prize.

Actor Kal Penn hosts. He doesn't claim to be superhuman, but some of the contestants look pretty impressive. If pattern recognition and quick calculation appeal to you, this may be your show. And if you just want to listen to people sing, there’s always The Voice.

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