Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Hypnotic suggestion

Game shows enter a trance state (maybe) with You're Back in the Room. Fox has ordered eight hour-long eps of the Brit format.

The basic idea is that contestants are hypnotized, then have to perform various everyday tasks. The show has endured a mixed reception in the mother country. Wikipedia (usual caveats) says that some critics have trashed the show as semi-fake, with contestants supposedly just going along with the ruse and not really being in a trance.

Whatever the truth of such complaints, the show got good enough numbers to earn a second season in the UK. It's also spread its hypnotic appeal internationally, with versions in France, Holland and Australia.

Here in the US the show is set to begin production in 2016. No word yet on who will host. They're probably looking for a magnetic and hypnotic personality.

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